Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all are doing well. It has been great hearing about everyone’s success this past season. Thanks for sharing videos, commentary, etc. Congrats to you all and especially your students!

New Music for 2023 

Currently 22 new shows in the catalog with a few more to come. Over 140 total. 

Reserve your spot for 2023 custom design 

I’ve already heard from many of you and some concepts are already in progress. Slots for custom music/drill are limited so email me, text me, carrier pigeon me, whatever you prefer to get your music/drill spot reserved. If you have already sent me some ideas, I have you on the list.

I’m working on an online order form that I was hoping to have by this email, but yeah.. we didn’t quite get it done. Once ready I will send to everyone. If you are already on the list I will probably send pre-filled, but you will be able to edit as needed. This will help me gauge and manage exactly what services you need (music arranging, percussion, drill, mainstage, program coordination, etc.), and will hopefully automatically generate a price quote for you. 

2023 Prices 

You can find 2023 prices at the link below. A small increase in wind books, drill prices are the same. 

You may notice a more significant increase in percussion arranging pricing. I had a meeting with the percussion arrangers I typically contract with as their pricing had frankly been all over the place. We spent some time defining levels and codifying pricing they felt was fair to their time/effort. To be clear, the percussion arrangers are independent contractors who I simply facilitate to help you all out. They get 100% of the compensation. You are under no obligation to use these arrangers and I’m happy to work with any percussion arrangers you like. 

Erik Mason – Program Coordination Services

I’m happy to announce that Erik Mason is now on board to exclusively help CCMD clients with substantive show design and program coordination. Erik is currently the band director at Buford HS in Georgia and was formerly the director at the powerhouse Mill Creek program. If you are looking for anything from additional guidance on concept to full-scale top to bottom show coordination, Erik is ready to help. I will continue to offer my typical consultation on show design, but with considerable BOA experience Erik can spend the time to help you create the high level visual/audio coordination expected at the top level of competition.

You can learn more about his services and pricing here:

Music at Jacksonville University 

If you have students looking for a robust music program in a small private school setting please encourage them to check out Jacksonville University. For those who would like to participate in a marching band where the actual students design and teach corps style shows (under my tutelage), but with no football games? Yeah… that’s us. We offer degrees in many areas; music education (I’m the music-ed coordinator), music performance, music tech, music therapy, composition, jazz/commercial music. We also offer very competitive scholarships with many full-tuition honors scholarships available each year. Most of our instrumental majors have tuition that is comparable or less than state universities. They can contact me directly for more information, feel free to share my contact info. You can learn more about JU Music here: https://www.ju.edu/music/

Be well, Chris

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